Minutes- February 2018 Meeting


Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5C

Washington, DC 20018

Minutes for February 21, 2018

Meeting Called to Order – 7:08 pm

Moment of Silence – Commissioner Manning, Chair

Determination of Quorum and Introductions– Commissioner Brevard

Chairperson Jacque Manning – Present

Vice Chairperson Regina James – Absent

Treasurer Regina James- Absent

Secretary Gail Brevard- Present

Parliamentarian Robert Looper III-Present

Commissioners:  Kevin Mullone – Present

LaMonica Jeffery– Present

Yolanda Odunsi- Absent

Motion to Approve the Meeting Agenda-Motion was made by Commissioner Manning to accept the meeting agenda; seconded by Commissioner Looper; and passed collectively by the Commission.

Reading of Previous Month’s Minutes- The reading was waived and a motion was made by Commissioner Brevard to accept the report; seconded by Commissioner Manning; and passed collectively by the Commission.

Reading of Treasury Report – Reading was put aside due to the absence of the Treasurer

Councilmember McDuffie –  Addressed the community and entertained questions

Fifth District PSA Report – Captain Belion reported crime was down 35% in the PSA’s


 ABC Board Representative Sarah Fashbaugh

DPW Representative Robert Polk

DCRA Representative Anthony Diallo