ANC 5C May 2018 Minutes

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5C

Washington, DC 20018

Minutes for May 16, 2018

Meeting Called to Order – 7:05 pm

Moment of Silence – Commissioner Manning, Chair

Determination of Quorum – Commissioner Brevard (5 present, 4 required)

Chairperson Jacque Manning – Present

Vice Chairperson and Treasurer Regina James – Absent

Secretary Gail Brevard-Present

Parliamentarian Robert Looper III-Absent

Commissioners:  Kevin Mullone – Present

LaMonica Jeffery– Present

Yolanda Odunsi- Present

Motion to Approve the Meeting Agenda-Motion was made by Commissioner Brevard to accept the meeting agenda; seconded by Commissioner Manning; and passed collectively by the Commission.

Reading of Previous Month’s Minutes- The reading was waived and a motion was made by Commissioner Brevard to accept the report; seconded by Commissioner Mullone; and passed collectively by the Commission.

Reading of Treasury Report – Reading was put aside due to the absence of the Treasurer

Mayor’s Office- Mr. Rogers informed the community of the Mayor’s plans and activities

Councilmember McDuffie’s Office- Ms. Kelly informed the community of the Councilmember’s plans and activities

Fifth District PSA Report- Violent Crimes are down 15% from this time last year


Department of Public Works– Ms. Hood presented Trash Container Requirements–Supercan trash must be bagged and in the can. Any bagged trash outside the can will not be collected. Recyclables should not be bagged. Boxes should be broken down and placed inside the bin. Recyclables outside the bin will not be collected

Commissioner Mullone (5C02) – Grant Applications Determination

Woodridge Civic Association requested a Grant to restore “Welcome” to the          Woodridge Community signs for $730.00 and to install a commemorative plague      at the original site of the Woodridge Library for $1,250.00.  Motion was made by    Commissioner Mullone to approve both requests and was passed collectively by       the Commission.

All other applications were deferred one month due to questions raised by the    Commission concerning the request and the absence of the applicants.

Meeting Adjourned 8:39 pm