The 1976 Home Rule Charter provides for Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANC). ANC 5C is one of 37 ANCs in all of Washington DC and one of five ANCs in Ward 5. There are seven Single Member Districts (SMD) for the Commission 5C. Each SMD has approximately 2,000 residents and is represented by a Commissioner. The ANCs are the body of government with the closest official ties to the people in neighborhood agencies. View our bylaws (PDF).

ANCs have “Great Weight”

The D.C. Code provides that each ANC “May advise the District government on matters of public policy including decisions regarding planning, streets, recreation, social services programs, health, safety, and sanitation in that neighborhood commission area.” The advisory views may be presented to the Executive Branch, Council, independent agencies as well as Federal agencies. The law provides that comments from ANCs must be given “great weight” when final decisions are made by government.


Interactive ANC 5C Map:


Ward5 ANC 5C Boundaries

To view maps of all ANCs in DC, visit www.ancdc.us

Don’t know what ANC you are in? Put your address in the DC Master Address Repository and find out!