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November 2019

Back to Basics…

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In the midst of all the fall weather fun and holiday joy, it is important to remember basic road safety principles. With the dwindling hours of daylight we experience at this time of year, visibility can be compromised more easily.

  • Always Be Attentive – The road should command your absolute and undivided attention. Avoid distracted driving!
  • Heed the Signs – If you’re driving in areas with special signs, make sure you heed those warnings and slow down.
  • Scan the Sides – It’s not enough to just look at the road itself when driving; you need to scan the sides of the road as well. Be on the lookout for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Wear Your Seat Belt – Not only is this a big rule of the road, but it’s the law and can also save your life. Always put on your seat belt.

While these road safety fundamentals may seem like a given when behind the wheel, focusing on the basics will help to ensure you do your part in keeping our roadways safe for all.

REAL ID Update


On November 14, DC DMV Director Gabriel Robinson participated in a press conference at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport with officials from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and other local DMV officials from Maryland and Virginia to educate the public about the importance of obtaining a REAL ID credential.

Beginning October 1, 2020, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS)Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) will require every individual 18 years of age and older to have a REAL ID compliant driver license, identification card, or other acceptable form of identification to access federal buildings and to board an airplane.

To assist with the compliance process, DC DMV is offering District residents whose non-compliant credentials expire after October 1, 2020 the opportunity to renew their credentials early with a prorated fee. Renewals will require residents to bring proof of identityproof of Social Security number, and two proofs of residency during their visit to the DC DMV.

Thanksgiving 2019

In recognition of the Thanksgiving holiday, all DC DMV locations will be closed on Thursday, November 28 and Friday, November 29, 2019. Regular business hours will resume on Saturday, November 30. Many of DC DMV’s services will be available online.

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District’s First Self-Service Emissions Kiosk Opens in Ward 4

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Mayor Muriel Bowser joined DC DMV Director Gabriel Robinson and Ward 4 Councilmember Brandon Todd on November 15th to open the District’s first self-service on-board diagnostic (OBD) emissions kiosk. The ATM-style kiosk is located at the Takoma Recreation Center (300 Van Buren Street, NW) and allows District residents 24-hour access to perform their own vehicle emissions tests. The new technology includes touch-screen capability, integrated VIN barcode reader/scanner, step-by-step audio support, and many more features. The kiosk is available for vehicle model years 2005 and newer.

For vehicles that pass the self-inspection: (1) the kiosk will print a Vehicle Inspection Report and a temporary paper inspection certificate to be displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard; and (2) DC DMV will mail a two-year inspection sticker to vehicle owners. Residents with vehicles that fail the self-inspection will see a message on the OBD kiosk screen about the emissions failure, and the kiosk will print a Vehicle Inspection Report indicating the reason for the failed inspection.

Be sure to consider using the DMV’s new self-service OBD kiosk when it’s time for your next vehicle emissions test. The technology is easy to use, and you can complete your emissions test at your own convenience, 24/7!

DC DMV Advocates for New Safety Legislation

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Director Robinson recently testified before the District’s Committee on Transportation and the Environment on behalf of several bills to support the District’s Vision Zero polices and help make the streets of Washington, D.C. safer for all users. Director Robinson testified in support of the following legislation: Bill 23-293 (Cyclist Safety Campaign Amendment Act of 2019); Bill 23-412 (Ignition Interlock Program Amendment Act of 2019); and Bill 23-415 (Vision Zero Distracted Driving Amendment Act of 2019).