April 2019 ANC 5C Minutes


Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5C

Washington, DC

Minutes for April 17, 2019


Meeting Called to Order – 7:06 pm

Moment of Silence – Commissioner Manning

Determination of Quorum and Introductions– Commissioner Manning

Chairperson Jacque Manning – Present

Vice Chairperson and Secretary Gail Brevard –Absent

Treasurer Jeremiah Montague Jr. – Present

Parliamentarian Lauren Rogers – Present

Commissioners:  Darlene Oliver – Present

Kirsten Williams– Present

Robert Looper – Absent

Motion to Approve the Meeting Agenda-Motion was made by Commissioner Manning to accept the meeting agenda. Motion passed collectively by the Commission.

Reading of the March 2019 Minutes – The reading was tabled due to the absence of the Secretary

Reading of the Treasury Report – Reading of the Treasury Report was conducted by Commissioner Montague. Motion was made by Commissioner Montague to accept the report and the motion passed collectively by the Commission.

Reimbursements- Motion was entered by Commissioner Montague that he is reimbursed for official travel expenses for the First Quarter of 2019 in the amount of $130.95. Motion passed collectively by the Commission.

Commissioner Brevard was reimbursed for renewing the ANC 5C website subscription amounting to $96.00. The payment came out of the fiscal year 2018-2019 ANC 5C Secretary Budget.


5C07: BZA Application 20014-Addisleigh Park, 1803 Rhode Island Avenue, NE requests Special Exception relief from the prepared food requirements, the penthouse requirements, minimum parking, and rear yard requirement. Relief is also requested for an Area Variance from the floor-area-ratio and loading requirements for construction of a two-story mixed-use building.  A motion was entered by Commissioner Montague to support the project and passed collectively by the Commission.

Community Announcements:  The floor was open to all who wanted to speak regarding their community activities and events. Representatives from the Office of the Mayor, Councilman McDuffie, DDOT, Ascension, and MPDC spoke briefly.

Motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Manning. Next meeting is set for May 15, 2019

Adjournment – 9:53 pm