5C07 Newsletter- February 2019

Commissioner’s Message

The first month as your new Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for Single Member District (SMD) ANC-5C07, proved challenging and rewarding. I appreciate all of the well wishes offered by each of you. As you will always hear me say good things are about to happen, and January 2019 proved no exception. Despite several incidents, our community remains strong. I remain vigilant in being your strongest advocate.

I have spent considerable time speaking with many of you listening to your concerns, and responding to email inquiries, and social media discussions. In addition, I have attended many meetings and forums seeking opportunities for strengthening our community and SMD. The awareness and recognition of our neighborhood, community, SMD, and ANC grows with each contact. Accordingly, expanded opportunities resulting from these efforts are beginning to accrue, resulting in better city services, with improved safety, and transportation.

As your advocate, I am working with District agencies to improve our community’s livability by attending to issues related to our streets, sidewalks, parks, groundwater encroachment, trash, traffic, controls, and more importantly, matters of public safety.

As many know, sadly there have been several serious crimes near 20th Street (at Hamlin Street, and Rhode Island Avenue NE). This is to say nothing of crimes nearby involving theft, robbery, assault, and auto-theft. We are engaging leadership of MPD-5 to have better presence and patrols.

This effort has resulted in several 24-7 roving patrols. More importantly, there is a directed increase in foot patrols. These officers are charged with getting to know the area, and the people who live and work here, as well as, in nearby areas. Please engage these officers when you encounter them. They are here to serve and protect you.

However, this effort to improve public safety requires more than just MPD participation. It requires you, the citizen, to be on guard for personal, as well as, neighbor’s safety. That is not to say you should go out seeking problems. However, if you encounter crime, DO NOT COMPROMISE YOUR SAFETY. Find a safe place and report them via 911. Remember, an unreported crime, results in loss of resources to address our common problems. If we work together, we will have a safer community.

Report non-crime issues via 311. If calling, remember to get a tracking number for your report. You will receive one automatically if reporting via the online 311 portal, or vial the mobile 311 portal. Also, remember to include photos with your report. They help greatly.

In either case, forward the tracking number to the ANC-5C07 commissioner for follow-up at 5C07@anc.dc.gov when you feel the matter is not addressed timely, or properly.

Also, beginning in February, the DC Government oversight hearings, FY-2020 Budget hearings, as well as those of WMATA’s FY-Budget hearings will take place. Your participation, either in person, or in writing are an integral part of expressing your concerns, and ensuring that agencies are responsive to community concerns. Be persistently Loud and Boisterous, but courteous, in airing your views. To do otherwise, results in no one listening and your message lost. We do not want to experience the same old responses and outcomes. A strong presence and message increases the likely our neighborhoods will not be overlooked, once again. It also reduces the likelihood of much needed resources going elsewhere. We demand equal attention to our needs and you can help greatly in making that happen.

Finally, please support our local businesses in the area. Stop in to see what you may have been missing. However small, make a purchase if possible. It will keep our community growing.



Phone: (202) 670-8543