5C07 Community News



ANC 5C-07 SMD Meeting

February 14, 2019; Woodridge Library,

1801 Hamlin Street, NE, 20018


ANC 5C Monthly Community Meeting

February 20, 2019; Metropolitan Police Department,

1805 Bladensburg Road, NE, 20018


Woodridge Civic Association Meeting

February 4, 2019; Woodridge Public Library,

1801 Hamlin Street, NE, 20018


Woodridge South Civic Association Meeting

February 7, 2019; New Caanen Baptist Church,

2803 Evarts Street, NE, 20018


Langdon Park Community Association Meeting



Community Issues


Public Safety


Core-DC, U.S. Bureau of Prisons; Planned

Returning Citizens Facility (Halfway House, 2400 New

York Avenue NE); Douglas Development withdrew

facility. Application is under protest.


Double Shooting at steps of 2001 Rhode Island

Avenue NE, apparent drive-by


Drive-by shooting at steps of 20th & Hamlin Street NE


Increased roving police patrols near Langdon Park


1700 Rhode Island Avenue NE

Work progressing toward 2019 opening


2027 Rhode Island Avenue NE

Concerns of muddy water pumped onto Rhode Island

Avenue, deep construction without shoring, Additional

concerns of improper or illegal construction reported

to DCRA; inspector assigned to review. Increasing

Rodent Issues, 311


2431 Girard Place NE

Demolition; safety and health, public space use issues;

DCRA and dDOT investigations performed.

Additional investigation issues of construction out of

scope of permit. DCRA investigation requested.


2429 Girard Place NE (PAR0155009)

BZA Request of Zoning Area Variance, SMD meeting

scheduled to hear developer February 14, 2018,

Woodridge Library, 7:00 pm.


2433 Girard Place NE (PAR0155007)

Substantial damage to adjacent public space along 25th

Street NE at Girard Place NE by builder/developer of

2431 Girard Place. dDOT, DCRA assistance requested


Casey Trees Planting – ongoing


Road Repairs, Signaling, Traffic Controls


•Twenty-Fourth (24th) & Hamlin Place NE, Road

Repair, Pot Holes, and Resurfacing Plan were patched;

additional Potholes after recent winter storms. dDOT

assistance requested.


2200 Rhode Island Avenue NE, crosswalk, and

pedestrian repair awaiting dDOT response to Council

request. No progress, Ward 5 Councilmember’s office

is assisting us


1800 Block Hamlin Street NE, awaiting sidewalk

repairs by dDOT


Snow Removal, CERT Seniors

•The DC community volunteer services (ServeDC)

could use help in assisting our seniors with snow

removal, when the flakes begin to accumulate. Please

consider volunteering for this worthwhile cause.

Information for ServeDC’s program may be found at



Storm Drain Cleaning

Awaiting dDOT responses to storm drain cleaning in

entire SMD after leaf pickup delayed by recent

inclement weather


Trash and Recycling


DPW Christmas Tree Collection; January 14, and

February 2, 2019; info at


(202) 737-4404, and track leaf collection

progress at https://leaf.dpw.dc.gov


There have concerns regarding the completeness of

Trash pickup recently. After contacts with DPW, trash

pickup is better but needs improving. The matter

remains on the radar of the Director of Public Works.


New MPD District’s Realignments


•There are significant changes to services in the Ward 5

and the Fifth District. There are now patrols assigned

to Brentwood Road at 14th Street NE, and Langdon

Park, Mills Avenue


ANC 5 Grants


The Advisory Neighborhood Commission is reviewing

its community grant program and considering changes

for the upcoming 2019 cycle. Comments and suggestions

are welcome on the Commissions website

or via your SMD commissioners.


2018 Grantees are to keep the Commission 5C and SMD

5C07 abreast of project changes and progress


SMD-Permit(s) Updates


2853 Belair Place NE

Public Space Permit Application No. dDOT 321759,

New driveway, Drive (parking pad) 10’ by 17’, plus

8.25’ approach (pad) from sidewalk; 10’ wide curb cut

w/3’ curved apron at each side, Two street pavement

cuts (2); Two Sidewalk cuts adjacent to and west of

pavement cuts; Agency reviews are due 1/14/2019.

Public hearing scheduled for February 28, 2018, 1100

4th Street SW, Second Floor


2708 24th Street NE

Public Space Permit Application No. dDOT 320585,

Curb cut, and retaining walls for stairway A public

hearing attended January 24, 2019. Permit Granted.


2431 Girard Place NE

Alteration and Repair Permit Request, January 18,

2019, DCRA, Building Permit issued, B194522, January

22, 2019.


Councilman McDuffie


Councilmember’s Ward 5 Budget Forum February 13,

2019, Luke C Moore HS, 1001 Monroe Street NE, 6:30



DC Council Performance Oversight FY-2018-2019

Meetings commence February 6, 2019 and end March

1, 2019. Council Chamber (Room 500), Rooms 412,

120, and 123, John A Wilson Bldg, 1350 Pennsylvania

Avenue NW; Please consult the online schedules at




DC FY-2020 Budget and Financial Plan hearings

schedule http://dccouncil.us/full-performanceoversight-



• WMATA FY-2020 Budget Hearings are underway.