December 2018 Minutes

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5C

Washington, DC 20018

Minutes for December 19, 2018

Meeting Called to Order – 7:01 pm

Moment of Silence – Commissioner Manning, Chair

Determination of Quorum and Introductions– Commissioner Manning

Chairperson Jacque Manning – Present

Vice Chairperson/Treasurer –Unoccupied

Secretary Gail Brevard – Absent

Parliamentarian Robert Looper III-Present

Commissioners:  Kevin Mullone – Present

LaMonica Jeffery– Absent

Yolanda Odunsi- Present

Motion to Approve the Meeting Agenda-Motion was made by Commissioner Odunsi to accept the meeting agenda. Motion passed collectively by the Commission.

Reading of Previous Month’s Minutes- The reading was waived due to the absence of the Secretary.

Reading of Treasury Report – Reading of the Treasury Report was waived due to the resignation of the Treasurer.

Councilmember McDuffie Representative Ms. Kelly Crislo advised the community of the activities of the Councilmember.


 A Resolution in Opposition of Core DC  Halfway House at 3400 New York Avenue NE: Motion was made by Commissioner Manning for the Commission to support the Resolution. Motion passed collectively (4-0) by the Commission

Councilman Charles Allen, Public Safety Committee

Meeting Adjourned 9:05 pm